My Plans

 I'm not up for an engine swap and besides, the engine can't get any bigger than it already is. So I plan to have the AMC 304 engine rebuilt to get it more reliable. Right now it's problems are that it never wants to start and once it does it burns a lot of oil. It also seems to leak a lot of cylinder pressure.
  Not much to do here. The wiring to the electronic ignition module looks frail. The timing should be checked and spark plugs replaced.
  The starter seems to be running strong in the summer, but in the winter it hesitates. I can hear the solenoid engage, but the engine won't turn over. It could be engine resistance, not the starter, but it's worth looking into. Also the wire from the starter solenoid looks bad.
  I just replaced this in 2004 and it's doing fine now. However with 2 batteries and an electric plow, it should upgraded to a higher power output. This can wait though.
Fuel system
  While I have the carb off for the engine swap, I might as well rebuild it.
 According to the records I have, the TH-400 transmission was rebuilt in '94. However it currently leaks a lot of oil. I got a new set of gaskets so I'll try replacing them once the engine has been pulled out. It seems to run fine.
Transfer Case
 This should be replaced. Currently there is a Dana-20 in there with non-standard shifter made for heavy duty trucks. It never works well. A Dana-18 should be a drop in replacement and this would allow me to use a twin stick shifter.
Fuel System
 This hasn't given me any problems yet, but it should certainly be inspected and upgraded for reliability
 This is the last step before licensing the Jeep and using it regularly. I have to pass Illinois emissions before I can get plates.
 A new radiator was installed in '93, but it's missing the fan shroud. The Jeep does run very hot in the summer.
 The power steering works well. The linkage is loose so the Jeep veers left and right if you hold the steering wheel straight. This has to be fixed before doing any long distance driving.
 This is the area I know the least about. There is an upgrade of some kind, but I'm not exactly sure what. There is definitely a lift and aftermarket shocks.
 Need to find out what kinds I have, open them up and take a look inside.
 A new tub would be nice
Electrical (wiring)
 New Painless wire kit
 Get radio working. Install locking console. Replace carpets with spray-on bed liner. Possibly add a rear seat.