This page will chronical my work on my '84 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler. I am starting this project after owning an '84 Scrambler for 6 years. I have done little work on it in those 6 years and currently it is barely driveable. I'd like to get it to the point where I can drive it around in the summer, reliably plow in the winter and occasionaly take it off road (i.e. Attica, IN or someday Ouray, CO). I have little experience fixing up cars so I plan to learn as I go. This webpage is mostly here as a place for me to keep my notes. If others find it usefull or interesting, that's great.


Here is what I know about the Jeep at this point:
 Engine: AMC 304 360 V8
 Ignition: Prestolite Electronic
 Carb: Motorcraft MC2100 2bbl #108 (450cfm)
 Transmission: TH400 Automatic
 Transfer: Dana 20 2:1/1:1 gearing
 Front Axel: Don't Know
 Rear Axel: Don't Know
 Lift: About 2"
 Battery: 2 (in paralell)
 Body: Original with damage
 Color: Black
 Top: Hard half cab
 Accessories: Snowbear Plow
   6 CD changer!

VIN Number:
The Jeep's VIN number is 1JCCF88E0ET00XXXX which gives me some clues about what orignaly came on this Jeep (thanks to the Jeep VIN decoder):
JManufacturer:Jeep (USA)
CType:Multi-purpose vehicle (domestic)
CEngine:6cyl. 258 CID engine
FTransmission/Xfer:5 speed manual, floor shift, part time transfer case
88Model:CJ-8, 2 door, open body
EGVW:4150 lbs
0Check Digit:Passed
TPlant:Made in Toledo, Ohio
00XXXXSerial NumberI've obscured the serial number